Scope of Search

Hiring Mall performs County Criminal Searches that follow our standard operating procedure. These procedures are limited from time to time by specific court regulations. These standards are also subject to adjustment based on our clients specifications and needs.

Hiring Mall County Criminal Search - Scope of Search

Search Types: Felony - Misdemeanor - Criminal Traffic
** Ordinance Violations/Infractions on request only

Search Dates: 7 year search (Standard)  10 year search (On Request - No additional charge)
** Hiring Mall considers a search reportable when the last action on a criminal case falls within the reportable time frame.

Hiring Mall does not provide the following:

  • Juvenile Court Records
  • Expunged Records (when made available to researcher in error by clerk)
  • Sealed Records (when made available to researcher in error by clerk)
  • Searches that are out of the specified time frame

Search Process

Hiring Mall performs a criminal search by using the First name, Last name, Middle name/initial, and Date of Birth. We utilize SSN where available but is not necessary to report a case as a match. We provide 2 identifiers and 3 if available. We will also report "close" matches for our clients protection.

Case Copies/Pulling Files

Hiring Mall will obtain case copies/pull files on our clients behalf upon written request and written fee approval. We do not guarantee turnaround time on case copies/file pulls. Our standard fee for this service is $25.00 per Case # + $2.00 per page

Search Type – Call for pricing on all other searches such as civil, real estate, bankruptcy and others and we will be happy to meet your needs.